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Baltimore Metaphysical ExaminerTony Pann

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Brain Power
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The first thing we have to do is set the intention to heal. First decide that you CAN heal yourself, then actually picture yourself already in perfect health. You can not be healthy if you see yourself as being sick. I know it sounds strange, but you actually have to act like you already have what it is you are seeking, BEFORE you actually have it. This will get you into the vibration of that experience, and you will have a much better chance of manifesting it into reality. Remember…like vibrations will attract like vibrations. So, in this case we are talking about being healthy. For example, if you have artheritis…picture yourself walking or moving without pain. You have to really FEEL the experience or you will not reach that vibration of health. It’s the feelings and emotions that will move you in the right direction. For me, it is easiest to get into this zone during meditation. Take a few moments for yourself each day, relax and visualize your goal…really feel it. The healing does not stop after meditation though…we must remain in a healthy state of mind during the day. Watch your words…inside your head and spoken outside. Words carry vibrations that are picked up and stored in the water that makes up your body. So…as you go through your day, be careful not to refer to yourself as sick or in pain. Remember…all we are doing is setting the vibration of health around us.

For the first time, the medical community is actually starting to give validation to some of these metaphysical healing methods. Check out the book The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr. Norman Doidge. You’ll read some amazing stuff in there about how the brain has been documented to rewire itself after a patient uses these visualization techniques over a certain period of time. The New York Times was even sold on this research! Another organization that uses these methods…along with traditional Western medicine treatments…is the Cancer Treatment Centers of America . Over the 20 years they have been in business, mind-body treatments have helped them create one of the highest cancer success rates in the country. The amazing part of this is that the methods used to rid yourself of the common cold, are the same as you would use to treat cancer! You must BE THE CHANGE that you wish to create. I know it sounds difficult…especially if you are in tremendous pain…but it really does help your body to heal. Look at it this way…it can’t hurt! However, I would suggest that you do some medical research on the mind-body connection. Why? Because you have to BELIEVE it before it will work. If you are convinced that this is metaphysical hog-wash before you even start, it will never work.

Let’s take our power back! The pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to believe this stuff because it will cost them money…let’s keep it, and heal ourselves! BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE.

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