To Pete and the wonderful staff at Massage Above All;

Months ago I came in for a treatment with Pete for a ‘massage’ and walked out knowing that I just met a very smart, intelligent & caring man. I say it was a ‘massage’ but honestly what happened was amazing. Pete helped me learn things about my body, how I was feeling, what my personal struggles are and my goals to come. He opened my eyes to a lot of overdue homework and how to start loving myself. He has such a soft touch, a calming voice; there was a definite trust there between professional and client. He told me he has been practicing his techniques for many years and I truly believe he is a gifted man. It was an honor to have met him and get a treatment from him. Thank you Pete, for your uplifting, yet emotional and exciting treatment.  My apologies for the overdue testimonial but please know I appreciate what you did for me. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone wanting to feel better and open up and explore his techniques and treatments. I will be back.


Crystal S. Red Deer.


Marcel G.

Randy M.

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