Indian Champissage™ (Indian Head Massage)

What is Indian Champissage?

Indian Champissage™ is a simple, safe and highly beneficial therapy. Massage of the scalp, face, neck and shoulders soothes, comforts and rebalances the flow of energy throughout the body to produce a feeling of peace and tranquility. Indian Champissage™ works on both physical and mental levels of the individual receiving the treatment by working the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension. Differing from a regular Theraputic massage, Indian Champissage™ is done while seated with the Client fully clothed. Treatments last approximately 30 Minutes.  


What are the benefits of Indian



    -General and Specific Relaxation for muscles. -Fibrous adhesions (knots and nodules) can be broken down.-Dispersal of toxins from tense, knotted muscles.

    -Relief from chronic neck and shoulder stiffness.

    -Loosening of the scalp.

    -Increased oxygen uptake in tissues.

    -Improved circulation of blood in previously congested muscles, providing extra oxygen for the brain.

    -Stimulated and improved lymph circulation.

    -Restoration of joint movement and mobility.

    -Helps in relieving tension headaches, eye-strain, earaches, tinnitus, jaw ache, sinusitis congestion, neck and shoulder stiffness, insomnia and disturbed sleep.

    -Relaxation of the whole person.



    -A sense of calmness, peace and tranquility. -A release of anxiety.-High levels of alertness and concentration .

    -Clearer thinking.

    -Helps in dissipating tiredness,edginess, depression, and stress.



    -Balancing chakra energy. -Release of stagnant energy; boosting available energy on all levels.-General energetic healing.


For more information or to book an appointment please contact:

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