“My Body Whisperer” sessions will bring you face to face with what your body is telling you. Just by allowing the true spirit within you the freedom and authority to listen to what your aches and pains are revealing in the subconscious body and consciously becoming aware of them… literally the underlying truth and issues will start to unfold before you. A transformation inside will take place and a deep sense of who you are will be awakened and surface. The potential to change your life and recreate the direction in which your journey is headed will be immediate. You will experience a deep sense of happiness, passion and fulfillment in all that you do. You will be living a life of purpose, learning to feel and move forward to your utmost potential.


What does a session of “My Body Whispering” consist of?


My Body Whisperer is a new modality combining multiple wholistic therapies brought together under one roof to provide insight into what our bodies are whispering to us. Based on 15+ years of hands-on Massage Therapy. Pete’s Intention is to create passion and a strong desire in encouraging self-healing through self-awareness and self-Love. With awareness come stunning and amazing results almost instantaneously.


As a client of “My Body Whisperer” your membership will start with a preliminary exploration then move into a series of experiential massage and attitudinal coaching sessions, each time creating distinct milestones keeping you on track and headed to success. The added freedom to engage in contact by email and follow-up support phone calls are unique to this program. A choice of either a series of 90 minute or 2 ½ hour Whisperer sessions include “My Body Whisperer” therapy and attitudinal coaching. As well, members will have an exclusive level of access to My Body This includes the latest in wholistic modalities, newsletters and articles from contributing Wholistic practitioners as well as performance and goal planning strategies developed by Pete himself, who entered into the wholistic field as a RMT in 1995.


The attitudinal-coaching element of “My Body Whispering” is an essential and intricate part of your transformational new beginning. This is time spent dedicated to you and your aspirations. You will engage in a safe, supportive and encouraging relationship that provides accountability, motivation and consistent support to break through limiting beliefs and self-doubt. How many times have you been in a situation in which you only wished someone truly supported and listened to your deepest desires and encouraged you to continue? This is a time to create a better future and bring balance to your life. The only one holding you back is you! Let “My Body Whisperer” be the starting foundation of your own personal journey and jumpstart your dreams into reality!


Who is Pete Swales?


Pete is a Healthy, Vibrant and Loving man whose purpose in being, doing and having is to create experiences that consciously influence his life in assisting and promoting wellness in body, mind and soul. Known now as a Personal Motivator within his field and Community he strives to support all in being the best they can be. This motivation in life showed up as a direct result of Living what he learned and then making a conscious choice to integrate these amazing tools and insights into his life. Using the tools provided he moved from a career and a lifestyle full of dis-ease, dis-comfort and resistance in self-care to an Amazing Personal Journey full of passions once considered not only out of reach, but also even unimagined.


Owner of one of Central Alberta’s largest  Therapeutic and Wholistic Massage Clinics has  given him the opportunity to become involved  in many fields of Wellness. His Wholistic and  Loving shift in Health seems to have become  contagious in it self.

Pete has shared his Personal Journey with thousands of clients during his career, with a strong conviction based on, if you want change, if you want growth, if you want to participate in life, then do so.

 In the past, Pete has been a published columnist and was featured on the front cover of “The Source” magazine. He is currently working on his own book to assist in attitudinal healing as well as guest speaking on radio programs helping people in Central Alberta and abroad!


Pete’s new journey as “The Body Whisperer” is just the beginning of a profound step he will be leading you through.


Please call 403-346-1161 for more details or contact us at

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