iRelease – Permanent Weight Loss Program (Red Deer May 19)

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Red Deer, Alberta

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iRelease is a unique program that combines the elements of weight loss and personal development programs in addition to tried and true methods of healthy eating and exercise to support a change of mind set. It is this CHANGE IN MIND SET that is critical in attaining YOUR weight release goal and maintaining your weight at goal. Hypnotherapy is the underlying methodology enabling this shift in perspective, this shift in thinking and feeling about yourself and your life. With this shift in place, you easily adopt new healthy patterns, controlling your food instead of food controlling you.

So you’ve tried all kinds of weight loss programs and diets and the weight comes back. That’s not surprising. A brief look at the research indicates that 90 – 98 % of people who lose weight, put that weight back on within one or two years and often gain more than they lost. Are you ready to let go for good? Are you ready to release the old patterns, the old habits, the old way of thinking that is getting in the way of your success?

iRelease is an 8 week program which includes both an education portion as well as a hypnotherapy session.

A special introductory rate $1497 plus GST ($1000.00 off the valued price) is offered at this time.

The price is in Canadian dollars.

In addition to 8 weekly sessions (7:00 pm to 10:00 pm), you will receive:

  • Workbook
  • Audio files (on CD or flashdrive for iTunes users)
  • One personal hypnotherapy session

 Here is what people have said about Manon’s iRelease program:


“The hypnotherapy at the second half of the class extremely helpful. The handouts and CDs were definitely a bonus and have helped me greatly in making wise food choices, and feeling better about myself overall.”

Cheryl McNeil

 “This program is way better than others because of the hypnosis aspect; the focus is on the emotional aspect of weight gain more than just eating the wrong things.”

Lora Girod

 “It re-establishes the foundation of my nutrition knowledge. It allows an opportunity to look at deeper issues that will result in more permanent weight release.”

Gina Staley

 “These sessions have enabled me to start on a new journey of positive self-discovery Thank you so much Manon!”

Geoff Woods

“Manon is very motivating and encouraging. You will find an inner peace and everything will start to fall into place.”

Carol Bowens

My coaching experience with Manon was invaluable!  I have been on my self-awareness journey for some time now and thought I had uncovered everything I had to uncover, however with Manon’s intuitive questioning and insight, new discoveries were revealed that were instrumental in helping me to move forward with confidence.  Her knowledge, enthusiasm and compassion made me look forward to each session.  Thanks Manon!

Trisha Savoia

And by the way, you may want to know why we call it a weight release program … well just think about this: what happens when you loose something, like your keys? Well you certainly want to get them back and so it is for weight. Let go for good, release the weight! Are you ready?

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